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Updated December 13, 2015


For Sale 3 Truck Shay Train 1 1/2" Scale. Shay was built and purchased by Mason Trains Ltd. in Chilliwack, Canada. This is the first one he built for the Shay design. The last time the train was running was 2009. It has been preserved from rusting. I have a master drawing list with the blue prints. The train also has gondolas that have not been put together (still boxed). Rail is 600 ft. of 3/8" x 1 1/2" flat bar 20'. 120 ft. of 3/4" x 3/4" .065 SQ Tube 20', 80' 3/4" x 3/4" x 1/8" Angle 20', and 20' 1 x 1/2" x 1/8" channel 20'. 800 lbs Engine weight dry. I have lots of documentation and notes, I just have no idea what it all means. My father-in-law has alzehiemers and we are liquidating his trains. Item is located in Blaine, WA. Transportation and delivery of the train can be negotiated. I will deliver with trailer. No shipping. Pickup okay. Asking $50,000 I have several more pictures upon request

Thank-you! Kyla 360-690-6384

2 1/2" scale riding car, no couplers or trucks. $800.

Terry Liesegang


FOR SALE South Bend Model A lathe and the South Bend shaper tool..located in California

Price is certainly negotiable, especially if the buyer manages the transportation. Being sold by Richard Maertin (


Fellow live steamers,

The Alaska Railroad Corporation is moving s-160 consolidation #557 back to Alaska where she will be overhauled and returned to excursion service.  I am heavily involved in that big steamer project as a volunteer.     So I need to make room.

1.5" scale Pacific for sale.   Based on Little Engines gray iron and bronze castings.  Only the domes are aluminum.

2401 has been out of service in warm storage for over 12 years.  She still runs on air but the boiler has been removed to facilitate repairs that I just don't get around too.  While I did the final assembly and detail work, the engine and boiler were built by the late Floyd Epperson best know for his beautiful Big Boy that operated at Medford Live Steamers and Train Mountain. The Boiler was a very free steaming experiment by Floyd, incorporating 1/4 inch wall Shelby seamless tube for the boiler shell and thin wall 1/2 inch Shelby tubing for the fire tubes.   She steamed very successfully for 18 years.

The flue sheets were cut out with the old tube nest of 62 fire tubes after five of them had been plugged off for leaks. The tube failure was caused by cold water being injected into the boiler using the axle pump. This caused stress fractures in five of the tubes directly inline with the check valve. Over the years this would have caused further failures.

3/8" steel plates have been rough cut to replace the flue sheets. The decision to use expanded type K or M copper flues following the original Little Engines plans or use black iron pipe has been debated. That is where the project stands.

I have stockpiled a number of high end Super Scale parts and other updated appliances for the locomotive in anticipation of the rebuild. The tender should be cleaned and resealed and the new Tom Bee Andrews trucks fitted. The tender is detailed with walkways, tool boxes and appliances not shown in the photo.

One of those appliances is an Original Mosely steam turbine generator with steam govenor. I will sell it separately for $2000.00 reflecting the proper value for this jewel of model engineering.

Assembled and running this locomotive could be worth $25,000.00.

I have no ambition to see the job done and therefore offer to negotiate a sale as is, with all appliances, reference materials and the builders cart to an individual who would like to give 2401 a good home.

If you are remotely interested, please give me a call.
Patrick J. Durand, Wasilla, Alaska; phone (907) 350-4340

This early photo was taken before all the gingerbread was added. You can see I started on the front end and was working toward the rear with the details. This gives you a better idea what it looks like in the unassembled condition.

Mr. Webmaster,

Here is an updated catalog of products that I cast for the 1-1/2 to 3-1/2 inch scale railroaders. There might be something in the catalog that interest some of your readers.

Download catalog here

Jerry Braun (A Hobby Foundry)



Rail Systems SD-45 with Hydraulic Driven Slug in BNSF Paint Scheme. Low hours(80)of operation logged on hobs meter, in excellent condition. The equipment has had light use. Nearly a $20,000.00 value.

$15,000.00 obo

Engine is located at OCME in Costa Mesa, CA

Doug Hansen
Phone: (949) 933-0707




This one is now sold - However I am taking orders

6 wheel locomotive chassis. Extremely powerful, runs like a tank. Out-pulls any four wheel locomotive. Ideal for someone who wants to build a locomotive, but does not have a machine shop. Build your own custom cab from wood or sheet metal. Uses 2 deep cycle batteries, goes 9 mph. Price is $1995, can deliver to MLS 1st week in April. Thoroughly tested at LALS, this engine is a real winner! PLEASE direct questions to Joe Powell. TYMMCHN@EMBARQMAIL.COM


verified 5/25/09

Lost & Foundry

Kiln pour


We are a small company (Lost & Foundry) in Spokane, WA and have been making and selling foundry furnaces and kits for the last 10 years, propane powered furnaces.

Our furnaces are in 50 States and 20 Countries. Our complete kits start at $380.

We have sold to many live steamers. There are a few listed on our "customer testimonial" page at We also have free step-by-step pages of casting many different items.

Sand casting is easy to learn and very economical. We have been teaching kids and adults for more than 8 years, classes available.

More information on our website,

Email any questions to

Have a lovely day!

Thank you, Donna Lost & Foundry


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Electric locomotive.  BRAND NEW Eaton Super-Huskie!!  Manufactured under license by Joe Powell. Locomotive is almost complete, and is expected to visit MLS mid December for a trial run. If you never got your Eaton Huskie, NOW is the chance!! Introductory special $2850 detailed and Ready-to-Run. This engine is extremely powerful and capable of much greater speeds than the original Huskie. Will run all day on one charge. Contact Joe Powell for more information at (702)434-8710 or


verified 5/25/09

For Sale

7 1/2" gauge 4+4 Beam Engine and tender with two 7 1/2 foot bench type riding cars equipped with Tom Bee trucks and couplers. Pneumatic brakes on all cars.  Current SVLSRM boiler certificate on a 12" diameter vertical steel boiler, propane fired, with 306 3/8" diameter copper fire tubes. Twin cylinder double acting engine with Stephenson valve gear and a bore and stroke of 2"x2.75" driving 4.375" diameter wheels through a 20% overdrive.  Drive chains are tight at all times. There is a constant speed universal joint in the center of each truck to allow movement while keeping the drive chains tight. The engine weighs about 400 pounds with eight driving wheels arranged in two four wheel trucks. I haven't found a track or turn I couldn't handle. The suspension is very flexible, rock solid on the rails and the engine has a working headlight. Asking $10,000.

The train is set-up on a new two wheel trailer for towing with a car or small pick-up truck. I estimate the weight of the complete train and trailer at about 1000 pounds. This engine is a runner, fast, with exceptional pulling power and is very easy to run, very forgiving. You can check and adjust either firing or water level in about two seconds. Because of having a vertical boiler the engine does not require any additional inputs to fire up, just open the valve on the propane tank and light the burner after you fill the boiler and water tank with water. The train and trailer are located in Reno, Nevada.

Contact Bill Cody at (775) 674-6512 or for additional information/pictures.

Verified 5/25/09

For Sale: SD70MAC

Reasonable offers now being accepted!

This engine was started as a custom build for a buyer who has opted to not continue with the purchase.

This engine is equipped with a 12HP, electric-start Briggs and Stratton engine. The locomotive is in the process of being converted to 13 hp, 24 vdc electric operation with a microprocessor controller.  Sound system is an optional extra.  It has a drive shaft that powers all 6 axles but is not currently equipped with brakes.  It needs detail work. Trucks alone are worth about $1000/each. Only test run on a shop test rack. Asking $9500.00  Call Marty Harrison (660) 909-8036 or email at  You can also call Charlie Stacer at (816) 537-6136.  Engine is located in Kansas City, MO.

verified 5/25/09